O Theophagus

Adventure 01

In which the heroes retrieve the missing crate but find it is not full.

Griff, working the streets, discovers people suspect the fisher shacks south of town. Selena talks herself & Thorgrim into the Fall of Stars, where Thorgrim notices a suspicious (dark robe, gaunt and pale) wizard-looking character who appears to be new in town and refuses conversation. Lily and Lanik talk to parishioner who says the Netherese used middle-men to cover their tracks; not know who they are, but one group who took crates smelled of fish.
At docks the heroes don’t see anything odd, but some thieves they talk to in town say they saw a half-orc looking out of place and maenacing outside a house near the smoke shacks. Griff snoops about and notices four or more bed-rolls on the floor and a table with four humans sitting up. After much talk about plans, Griff sneaks in window (cutting the glass to do so); five bedrolls and some thug conversation around the corner sitting at a table. After bribing the the half-orc guard to leave the others walked in the front door; combat ensued in which six dies and one escaped through the window.
Taking crate back to temple of Morodin wherein we find it has some of the evil goods but several of the smaller items are missing. A bit of parchment inside references items from the lost tower which, Selena knows from rumor and local mythos, is probably the old tower to the north of town, once owned by one of the Bhurgers Erethun Rivenstaff but abandoned after an accident that removed the top one or two stories and the owner (Rivenstaff’s son is now an old wheelchair-bound Bhurger). This is substantiated by the recent influx of people looking for items in lost tower.
XP: 310



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