O Theophagus

Adventure 02

In which we invade a tower, find a pencil and go grubbing for clues.

Thorgrim and Lanik are occupied getting the crate safely stowed for transport.
Tower has about three floors left, top clean shorn; there are signs of recent foot traffic in and out, and the door was locked. Ground floor was a large room with four pillars, lots of furnishings (which Lily smashes in a misfire spell), and two green flaming skulls that attack and are disposed. Second floor has dining hall, pantries and the like, all in disarray with no signs of use. The third floor has several abandoned bedrooms and one camped-in bedroom, from which Griff takes a few books (in a later search we also find a magic pencil there) and two small windowless butler’s rooms. Forth floor has no roof, walls vary between 2–4 feet with some taller bits; in the middle is a new pile of large uncut stone that might have religious meaning and a few recently-added tables and chairs. We spend an entire day and night waiting for people to return, searching every room, with no luck besides the pencil.
At temple of Oghma the pencil is inspected, mostly by elderly priest Phrer Binscuit; it is indestructible and tapping eraser produces 1 cp per round. One of many magic mundane objects scattered over Faerun when the tower top vanished, lots of interest in them now. Society of Lost Tower reveres items. Rumors they become more potent in the tower or in the lost top level of the tower. Some try to bury items believing them evil. Binscuit offers to dig up info on other items if we’ll bring pencil back for his later inspection, warns objects create attachment in owner. Binscuit also identifies books as very old dialect of Deep Speech; one is titled Rytes Diabolique; we leave them with him for analysis.
Much of the day we spend grubbing for clues. Lily checked with watch who heard of Netherese entering and Shader-Kai hiding in fisherman’s district. Griff didn’t hear of people leaving except the guy who jumped out the window in out fight a few nights before. Selena found no-one who detected evil items passing them besides what can be accounted for in crate already recovered. Selena looked for demonic rights info, none useful. Neighboring houses remembers dark wizardly-looking figure at tower within last week. Griff found rumors of small groups of Shader-Kai moving through town at nights. Lily catches group entering Fall of Stars and enters with them unnoticed (members each appear to have their own hand signal to enter); inside hears more about weird dark wizard who is anti-social in adventurers club early each evening and doesn’t seem to stay at either inn. Shader-Kai entrances are leading to Next Scardale references. Kendrick, one of half-orc guards of the Fall of Stars thinks his name is Slevgrim? or something like that; been coming here week-and-a-half or so and frightens even the guard.
We leave Selena’s shop (in a vault of which is stored the pencil) heading toward the Fall of Stars to catch S?g?m, see city guard team pass out of sight right before we find Shader-Kai herding couple into alley.
XP: 300
Loot: magic pencil



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