O Theophagus

Adventure 03

In which we fight Shadar-Kai, gain membership in The Fall Of Stars and obtain a quest.

Thorgrim is off someplace talking to someone about something.
Paladin Pramus Aldbryt and fiancee Sorcerer Seladine were attacked by five Shader-Kai, including one necromancer/witch(?), whom we killed, with the aid of cousin/step brother/sneak-theif Harston. We are invited to visit the Aldbryt house in the morning, where Pramus will introduce us but can’t guarantee his father’s aid. He also says he and Seladine were heading to the Fall of Stars and says he can help us gain admittance. With the watch to clean up comes Ellarian Dawnhorn, constable of New Velar, who is none too cheerful about adventurers; she says some of the watch have been chasing Shader-Kai but without results.
At fall of stars Seladine and Pramus get us in; Lily makes a flowery telling of the recent encounter, gets some crowd members to mention seeing but not really encountering Shader-Kai. Selena tells Sleadine and Pramus of our efforts to reclaim the items; they are sympathetic but have little to offer. People agree that Harston is shady but a local, and the dark wizard (Griff learns) is probably hanging out at the tower, has been shopping around for summoning rituals. One guy says 100% sure dark wizard is a follower of Cyric The Prince of Lies, a CE god served by liars, the insane and paranoid, promotes wanton destruction, who is currently imprisoned, though a few branch churches remain active most have dwindled.
In the morning, while Lanik is performing his morning devotions, we head to the Aldbryt house. Pramus introduces us to father Treman who is already informed of recent events. We ask for info on his lost shipment; he gives us four stylized tokens that provide us membership at Fall of Stars, and provides us with work. A few years back he purchased the land surrounding Erethun’s Tower, including the tower itself; he offers to give us the tower if we can retrieve a dagger from a wizard in town, one likely spending his evenings in the tower. Said dagger LadrĂ£o da Alma has a black handle and frost-bitten greyish rhime-covered blade. He gives us the key to the tower.
Checking with scroll shops we find the wizard was asking into summoning alters, possibly found what he was after. Phrer Binscuit identified three books Rytes Diabolique a theoretic text on tapping primordial, abyssal and supernal powers and entities; The Graven Truth on runic power and practice; and The Form of chaos, a cyricist’s manifesto that will need to be fully translated to be summarized. Also gave us a list of known subset of the approximately 100 items, many of which need to be consciously understood and invoked, others which just happen.
Gave pencil to Frer Binscuit to study for the day.
We plan to collect Pramus and Seladine and go to the tower to find and evict dark wizard and retrieve dagger.
XP: 235
Loot: 221g 37s 90c (divided), 1 100g pearl; four tokens providing membership in Fall of Stars.



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