O Theophagus

Adventure 07

In which we rub shoulders in a party and catch a Shadar-Kai.

Lily rides the Scarlet Swan and collects four platinum bars payment; the rest ride the recovered ship.
We are invited to Lucus Rivenstaff’s for a party by Treman Aldbryte. Kendrick warns us against Harston and his mother Dreia, a schemer. It’ll be a mid-sized party with some burgers & families, other movers and shakers connected with the Aldbryte clan.
Phrer Binscuit introduces us to Brother Findler, a tall, lean, weathered man who wanders between temples sharing information. He’s seen copies of our 3 books circulating surprisingly often. They are linked with Ladrão da Alma, which has nearly unlimited power. It is alive, whispers to it’s bearer to cut themselves, temporarily leaches life force, and with the books can be made to pull great power through a temporary mortal sacrificial vessel. Binscuit’s recent research shows Lucus Rivenstaff had once been very interested in the objects and may have several.
Owners of Fall of Stars (Dayan Nenthyn and sister Kira) said they’ll be there at the party; advise we don’t annoy Constable Dawnhorn.
Party with burghers Reikherd Brewmaster (huge ex-adventurer, hires lots of retired adventurers, has tunnels beneath brewery may reach underdark), Sheera Goldenleaf (beautiful & wealthy golden elf, stable owner, adventured over 100 years ago), Emberra Grembarrow (heavyset owner of silver & jewelery store), the Nenthyns (half-elf), Jonster Yate (halfling, ex-adventurer, obsessed with postulated end of realms). Griff challenges Reikherd and Thorgrim to an eating contest. Reikherd says he often allows adventurers to explore the tunnels; hosts an annual party with a competition to steal golden cask from brewery (none have ever succeeded).
Lucus pulls us together after undoing an altercation with two of his goblets; he asks us to find his father Eruthen, who is likely the prime object having been in the tower when it blew, and the two goblets Lucus does not yet own, promising huge rewards.
Thorgrim beats Griff and Reikherd at eating contest. Lucus gives a speech, perfect in that it is short. Dreia stops by to insult us. Some overland trade routes are suffering from raiders, talks of groups clearing them out, likely by a coalition of merchants. Harston asks about Ladrão da Alma, Lily points him toward Singing Harp and sends a message to them telling them she did.
On the way out we (mostly Thorgrim) catches one of two Shader-Kai sneaking about in the dark.
XP: 150. Loot: 4 platinum bars of 500 gp value each (payment).



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