O Theophagus

Adventure 08

The Shadar-Kai is interrogated, Harston takes LadrĂ£o da Alma, and we head west to clear out bandits.

We sit him down in armchairs in Mystra’s temple and discover he’s a Cryicist bend on subverting the Aldbrytes; seduced Dreya using lust with a huma n cyrisist, lust of social standing, and hatred for Tremen losing her money and Pramus one-upping Harston; Harston is power-hungry and hates Pramus; Tremen fell to greed (deeply in debt using Dreya’s money) and ambition to join council, hopes to replace Lucus and nearly guaranteed to do so unless Tremen looses his money; Pramus remains untouched. Their earlier attack was an effort to capture Pramus for use against Tremen.
Dreya is planning an attack on Pramus and Harston is planning to steal the dagger tonight. We warn Tremen but he’s drunk; we run to collect Pramus and Seladine and run to the Aldbryte home. We find two guards down by Harston’s hand; Harston got the dagger almost an hour before we arrived. Griff finds a hidden exit in the hedgerow out back and follow it down to the south wall. Talking with Pramus and Kendrick at the Fall of Star and decide we have more chance of doing good by joining Pramus and Seladine on the trip to redeme the west road than we do of catching Harston on the run.
On road west we kill two owlbears, skin them and get an egg and leftover gear of previous victims.
XP: 350
Loot: 111g 45s 2 moonstones (100g each), 2 pelts, 1 egg, Belt of Recovery (2600g Thorgrim), Ornament of Alertness +1 (680g; Griff), +2 Holy Healer’s Mace (2600g; lanik), 1 Alchemist Acid lvl 6 (75g)



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