O Theophagus

Adventure 09

In which we venture into the Feywild.

Walking after the owlbear attack, Lanik and Thorgrim are charmed without warning and wander off into the woods. Half an hour into the woods the ground gets unusually wet, with puddles and ground fog; we seem to be entering a moving zone of feywild. They are leading us toward mournful singing. The fog parts at a body of water with a wooden bridge and two posts. We slay three crocodiles, follow the bridge between several hummocks to a hag Katriska cursed to remain on an island by the power of rings now in custody of a nearby undead knight Cromwell Stone.
The Masoleum, near the swamp on higher ground, has ornate statues and a small black dragon we chase off. We retrieve the rings, slay the undead knight on our way back, and the hag destroys the rings. On the ground we find a Laurel Circlet, which Selena claims, and return to Faerun and our horses.
XP: 380
Loot: Laurel Circlet (Selena), lump of gold from melted ring



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