O Theophagus

Adventure 11

In which we rescue Pramus.

The cleanup crew arrives so we head back to New Velar that afternoon. At dawn traveled back to New Velar; turn in horses and report. Seladine explains loss of Pramus to Treman, who reacts initially in wrath but is calmed by Seladine. He exhorts us to regain Pramus.
Word on the street says some general was coerced into doing the job, who was hoping to execute the ruffians working under him. Kendrick knows little but says there was someone who knew, directs me to Dayan who shows a room of adventuring memorabilia which has a map in it. We also find a couple old maps of the Haints in the library: it’s set up along one main road with a crossroad and a couple minor cross-cross-roads; the main road goes east to the road to scardale. Singing Harp has similar information.
General Andric Turion (the warlords) joins our meeting at the Fall of Stars with Seladine, whom he met earlier in the day, and apologizes, stating his wife had been held hostage to get him involved. Cyricists seem to be involved in his hiring. His wife was rescued and word reached him while he was transporting Pramus to the Haints. He draws us a map of the underground area where Pramus is being held, points out an area where a star spawn is located, says there are cyricists and star-spawn cultists working together there to perform a ritual on Pramus, infusing him with an evil power and then stealing it away using LadrĂ£o da Alma; Pramus, being good, will fight this power to make it easier to steal the power.
The star spawn will be a beast, but we are loaned a Battle-standard of the Vanguard and a scroll that should weaken the spawn’s defenses (will need to be sustained minor). There is also a spirit power in the underground (he gives us a necklace to block it) that will damage us and tells us there are more such necklaces on guards there.
After slaying four guards and scaring off two more, we magically lock two of the three entrances, slay the five guards inside the third, then slay the star spawn; the remaining guards flee. In the ritual room we find Pramus covered in blood surrounded by chopped-up ritualist; Harston phases through walls and escapes through a secret passage.
XP: 350
Loot: +2 pact blade, 4 bottles gypsy wine, 60g 80s 95c



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