O Theophagus

Adventure 12

Pramus recalls flashes of pain and suffering as tortured, flash & release, then nothing until Seladine touched him; he feels that something is still stretching inside him. We are welcomed by Ellarin Dawnhorn, then by Pramus who gives us a coin purse (100pp).
Selena visits Oghma and says the the ritual sounds like it was completed, but it is complicated and there could be something missing, but the death of the ritualists sound likely to be indicative of success. May still be a small bit left.
Lily-Rose visits Fall of Stars, learns that Harston is back in town not long after us.
We all awake together in a shore of black-green stones, with a strange-angled forbidding edifice. Mordin and Mielikki meet us near the edifice and tell us they have little power here and our only way out is to enter and face a ``test’’. Inside is a rabble of voices that daze us often. We slay four balls of tentacles and two gibbering mouthers; Mielikki instructs Lily-Rose to place her blade on a rune circle and it gets new power; Lanik likewise enchants his sickle.
«session break»
We slay several chaos shards, drink from an enchanted font that replenishes our vigor and replaces Nimbus, a random Genasi swordmage we’d been scooting about with, with Thorgrim; the then face the Voice of Yel-Tsog Danoth; afterwards Morodin and Meiliki reappear, granting Thorgrim a magical tattoo
When we awake, we are all rested, healed, and overslept. Messengers at the tower, temple of Morodin and temple of Green Respite and Selena’s home, telling us of another party because both of his sons have returned.
Loot: 100 pp, items and tattoo



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