O Theophagus

Adventure 13

Shopping, Meilikki told Lanik to watch the sea for creatures coming from the deep tonight, Slenea visits Pramus to ask about Harston, who states there is a core of good but doesn’t trust. Pramus remembers little but thinks he saw Harston. Seladine asks us to find proof of Drea’s involvement in abduction; in Fall of Stars found Andrick, returning his standard and reminded that Drea had been meeting at the Redmark, the ritzy inn in town named for a mercenary band done well; currently run by staff as collective, the founders having vanished, though their wealth is rumored to still be in the inn; the Stormblades, a group of adventurers are there to deter treasure-hunters. Thorgrim and Griff got a tour guided by Alark Phlamtryn the Stablemaster and head of the staff collective; meanwhile, Garthmere the Stout (Titherian) head of Stormblades, points out nere-do-well treasure seekers in the bar to Selena and Lanick: Talgos Twilight a thief from Impaltir, and Skeldor of the Serpents, a mage crawling with live snakes; then introduces other stormblades Zemphira a Kalashir Sorceress, Burgabick, a Chenafael Strongheart Halfling Fighter/theif, Mermei Leafguster Kalashite Air-genasi Cleric of Schaundakul? (hand with air behind it), Darmarilee a gold-dwarf wizardess from eartharth with green eyes.
Phrer tells Lily that assassins can sometimes walk through walls, that the ritual on Pramus probably is waiting for a keyword, and that in addition to Wally with the boat ticket is a guy on the outskirts with a comb that stops time and is even more paranoid.
Selena finds that Gimdrake, in the 3rd floor suite, often orders food for himself and a lady friend. Thorgrim rents room 3C. Breaking into the suite, Griff finds a smoking pipe item of power and a soap case. Seladine finds a +2 deep-pocket cloak in the wardrobe. Lanik finds a bundle of letters, half of a love letter exchange written by a woman; the top (and most recent) has a map indicating the way station investigated.
Lily-Rose, watching from the ground floor, sees Gimdrake, tries to stop him but fails; he sees Thorgrim sitting outside his room and runs off. We go into Thorgrims room and review the love letters; none are signed by Drea, but they do contain expectation that Pramus would be adbucted by the recipient. Lily goes to tell Seladine, who asks to meet at the Fall of Stars that afternoon to confirm the handwriting.
Letters are placed in Wally the Wardrobe. Griff stores the two new items at Selena’s mom’s shop. Griff’s friends Greylow and Eglon saw Gimdrake running around town, collecting his gear and getting ready to run. Thorgrim and Selena return to take the deep-pocket cloak, which has mostly junk inside—some daggers, a few coins, cologne, etc. They store it at Selena’s mom’es shop. Lily at Fouled Line hears mutters about mysterious island that has come and gone through the night, likely that she was adventuring upon; sailors gave it a wide berth.
Seladine shows with a letter from Drea, which is clearly the same hand. She asks Lily to hang onto them until and bring them to the party.
Loot: +2 Deep-Pocket Cloak (2600gp), Tower Pipe, Tower Soap Case



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