O Theophagus

Adventure 14

In fall of stars see Reikherd there, says he’s looking of bodyguards, etc., among retired adventurers. Graylow shows, tells Griff he saw Harston rowing boat across to island on Swordarm lake and saw him bury something there. Griff sets up a meeting there tomorrow. Drea arrives, whitefaced, takes Selena and Lily into side room. She says Gimdrake told her that we’ve been searching her room. She did give the location of Pramus for abduction, but had been mislead: Gimdrake told her they would merely ransom Pramus to Treman and she wanted some of own fortune (squandered by Treman) to keep her for later in life; she may be stretching the point on the reasoning, but seems mostly honest. We mention that Harston is among the cultists; she thanks us and leaves us a purse of mixed coin and gems
We try to overtake Seladine to tell her, but catch her right after she stabs Drea in the chest. Harston angrily finished the ritual, turning Pramus into a demon and fleeing. We get a few parting shots at Harston, but then the Demon-Pramus and Harston escape.
Constable Dawnhorn enters, recruits Seladine & the heroes to help against the invading source. Nimbus is with Shira Goldenleaf when she shows with horses, and we ride to the coast south of the Harrow-plow pier. There we find Sahuagin sea-devils (who worship Secular the sharks) attacking. One of the Sahuagin calls out Sacula calls us to witness the red eye of Hadar (we see a red star above) but, after a rather intense battle, we manage to kill all six with no lasting casualties.
Loot: 3pp 50gp; gems; stuff on Sahaugin
XP: 4??



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