Jonster Yate


Jonster Yate is a halfling. He has short, curly hair and long sideburns. His face usually registers blissful ignorance or amused curiosity. He always wears a leather vest, and carries around a small notebook.

A character knows the following information about Jonster Yate with a successful Streetwise check:

DC 10: Jonster Yate is an eccentric halfling. He is incredibly rich and owns Mensyn’s Wares, a cobbler and leather wares shop.

DC 15: He is one of the Seven Burghers of New Velar. Unlike most others, he doesn’t involve himself much with political affairs.

DC 18: He is obsessed with the idea that a great calamity is to befall the Realms. He maintains a list of all the strangest prophecies that predict great floods, endless wars, worldwide erupting volcanoes, and worse. Some of these are really farfetched and are obviously a product of a creative but immature mind.

Jonster Yate

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