Lucus Rivenstave

Old man in a wheelchair.


Oldest human on the Council of Burghers, son of Erethun Rivenstave and, therefore unsurprisingly, an aficionado of the Items of the Lost Tower. He is known to possess the quill, the goblet and the goblet, and likely has a larger collection kept safely under lock and key.

Lucus is a sickly old man who is always seen in his wheelchair. He is constantly wheezing and coughing, and usually has a silk handkerchief over his mouth. Despite his frail physical condition, he is always dressed impeccably.

The following information can be gained with a Streetwise check:

DC 15: The Rivenstaves have been in Harrowdale for more than a century. They trade mostly in the Moonsea area, having established extensive trading contacts there. Lucus Rivenstave is one of the Seven Burghers of New Velar.

Lucus Rivenstave

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