Reikherd Brewmaster

Owner of Brewmaster Brewery, Burgher.


Reikherd is a giant of a man. He has long dark hair and deep brown eyes. While of middle age, he is still of lean build. The set of his eyes still hints at an elven ancestry, way back in the family tree.

The following information can be gained with a Streetwise check:

DC 15: Reikherd Brewmaster is one of the Seven Burghers of New Velar

DC 18: Reikherd and his sister Nefana own the Brewmaster Brewery – also known as the Gunderman Brewery, named after Reikherd’s great-grandfather.

DC 20: Reikherd’s riches and fame stem from his family’s most famous brews: Old Smoke, a smoky-tasting golden ale that is sold in new velar as well as it is sold overseas. While Reikherd brews other drafts – and even a strong liquor called Red Roast – this draft is still the best sold.

DC 25: Reikherd is well known in the Fall Stars, as he drafts his people from retired adventurers.

DC 30: Quite a complex has grown beneath the brewery, delved by dwarves and gnomes in the Brewmasters’ employ. Some say the complex reaches down into the underdark.

Reikherd Brewmaster

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