Sheera Goldenleaf


Sheera is breathtakingly beautiful eladrin woman. She dresses in plain and practical dress, favoring dark yellow and green.

The following information can be gained with a Streetwise check:

DC 15: Sheera Goldenleaf is one of the Seven Burghers of New Velar. She is the oldest Burgher, and has been on the council for over a century. Sheera is a gold elf (a type of eladrin).

DC 18: Sheera owns the Goldenleaf stables, at the northwestern edge of town. These stables at Lancegallop lane are the best horse breeding stables in the Dalelands, and her horses, though expensive, are sought after even in Cormyr, Sembia, and Nathlan.

DC 20: She is friendly and outgoing, liked by all citizens of New Velar. She sponsors various Velarian organizations.

DC 25: She is an accomplished mage, and quite a rogue as well. She was an adventurer in her younger years.

Sheera Goldenleaf

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