Ladrao da Alma

"Thief of Souls"

weapon (melee)

In appearance, Ladrão da Alma is a slender, elegant dagger made from a single meteorite. Unpossessed, it has a black handle with a blade of slate gray speckled with the appearance of rime. Once it has drunk from its wielder the blood runs up the blade to stain the hilt crimson, while the blade darkens to a non-reflective black.
An intelligent dagger, Ladrão da Alma is a vile object desiring nothing more than to taste blood. Upon picking up the dagger it begins whispering in the mind in a most seductive way, urging the wielder to cut himself. Needing only a drop of the user’s blood, the dagger activates and bonds with the user, gaining the ability to steal life and transfer it to the bonded wielder.
Anyone struck by Ladrão da Alma is weakened. A mortal blow allows the wielder to gain great power; however, the power inherent in most mortals is fleeting. The stronger the slain being, the more powerful and long-lasting the resultant infusion.


A mysterious dagger thought to have been created by Bane, it has been co-opted by agents of Cyric.
It was recovered from the warlock, Slivgren, atop Erethun’s Tower, by the PCs. Tremin Aldbryte took the dagger and, realizing its vile nature, locked it away in a vault at his estate where it was eventually stolen by his stepson, Harston.

Ladrao da Alma

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