O Theophagus

Adventure 06
In which we seek out and recover the lost Aldbryte ship.

Treman Aldbryte tells us he has had second thoughts and cannot condone giving the Netherese the dagger, so he asks us to aid in recovering his lost ship. Take a journey with Jon Vermilion takes us on the Scarlet Swan (red swan on silver field) to a hidden pirate island cave. Thorgrim spends the journey drunk, Lanik converses on religion with Jon, who is half-heartedly working with the Shaundakul recovery group, an effort he got into via Megan.
We row up to cave in the wee hours after a day and a half at sea; as the Scarlet Swan begins lobbing projectiles into the keep on the top of the island we hear people running away from the captured ship; fortunately, for we fail to sneak up and the resulting slaughter results in deep injury and one near-death experience (Thorgrim) on our side. Crew freed, we rejoin Vermilion for the trip back to New Velar.
Loot: 300gp 87sp 35cp, silver ring with black pearl, +2 flesh seeker dagger (Griff).
XP: 420

Adventure 05
In which we learn of blackmail and Netherese plots.

We are met leaving the tower by Treman Aldbryte who takes the dagger and gives us the deed.
Phrer Binscuit has pencil and a shaving brush; brush’s powers unknown but when pencil and brush are nearby both cause a tingling sensation in respective owners.
Pramus and Seladine told Selena that Treman had recently had a very large shipment stolen, which had caused some financial stress. They also are working to bring back Shaundakul, a formerly-minor now-nearly-gone god of travelers.
We seek Shader-Kai; fall of stars, Kendrick, low life, commoners, and town guards all provide nothing. One of the low-life suggests Wally might know. Pramus and Seladine think they were attacked as Aldbrytes because of stolen goods. Harston nowhere to be found. The temple of Moradin volunteers the Shader-Kai enter via the ruins of Halwar Keep, but they can’t find traces when they look there and town guard doesn’t like people snooping there.
Griff finds Wally, who appears to have an item of the tower, stares and bolts. Griff chases him, catches him. Wally says the Shader-Kai are after the dagger. Griff is tapped on the head by Wally with a piece of velum, which causes him to teleport half a mile fall onto the Heart of the Harbor Pier.
Treman isn’t in, but one of the guards refers us to the docks. Dock workers say the Fouled Line is the place for information, but a rough and tumble, dangerous place.
We meet flamboyant Jon Vermilion, his pirate-girl companion Megan, and second-in-command grey-clad halfling Osprey. Our presence incites a brawl, which we win with losses. After general cheering and limited cleanup, Jon tells us Netherese payed for the attack of the shipment and have been blackmailing Treman with the lost revune to get him to retrieve the dagger. No leads on where the stolen ship went. We gather Treman was selected because he owned the tower where Slivgren was dwelling.
Loot: deed to Eruthen’s Tower, bag of gems (2 bloodstone, 5 turquise, 1 pink turmoline, 2 halves of small jade carving, water star: approx 400–600 gp)
XP: 385

Adventure 04
In which the heroes kill Slivgren and obtain Ladrão da Alma.

Stopping at the temple of Oghma, we find rumor puts Ladrão da Alma linked with Cryic; the name (soul thief) implies it may have soul stealing powers. We also drop the pencil off at the Temple and collect Pramus and Seladine before setting out for a morning conquest.
We find a skull part of some type of ritual outside the tower; as Wally pushes it aside a face peers over the top of the tower at us, then tells us Come in, come in, I am almost ready for you. Zombies, zombie rat swarms, and zombie dog-rats (drats) swarm us on the first floor; the second and third are as we left them. The forth has Slivgren, half a dozen drats, an attacking alter, and a summoned vrock and swarm of flies; we kill all the non-summoned creatures (including the alter). Slivgren kills the vrock himself, absorbing its life and part of its being into the dagger. As the dagger leaves his hand at his death, the black of the blade recedes into the previously-red handle, leaving a greyish blade speckled with hoar frost.
Loot: Ladrão da Alma, +2 Magic Robe (Lily), +1 Cape of the Montebank (Thorgrim), Hedge Wizards Gloves, 23 gp, 15 sp, 35 cp
XP: 420 + 100 minor quest

Adventure 03
In which we fight Shadar-Kai, gain membership in The Fall Of Stars and obtain a quest.

Thorgrim is off someplace talking to someone about something.
Paladin Pramus Aldbryt and fiancee Sorcerer Seladine were attacked by five Shader-Kai, including one necromancer/witch(?), whom we killed, with the aid of cousin/step brother/sneak-theif Harston. We are invited to visit the Aldbryt house in the morning, where Pramus will introduce us but can’t guarantee his father’s aid. He also says he and Seladine were heading to the Fall of Stars and says he can help us gain admittance. With the watch to clean up comes Ellarian Dawnhorn, constable of New Velar, who is none too cheerful about adventurers; she says some of the watch have been chasing Shader-Kai but without results.
At fall of stars Seladine and Pramus get us in; Lily makes a flowery telling of the recent encounter, gets some crowd members to mention seeing but not really encountering Shader-Kai. Selena tells Sleadine and Pramus of our efforts to reclaim the items; they are sympathetic but have little to offer. People agree that Harston is shady but a local, and the dark wizard (Griff learns) is probably hanging out at the tower, has been shopping around for summoning rituals. One guy says 100% sure dark wizard is a follower of Cyric The Prince of Lies, a CE god served by liars, the insane and paranoid, promotes wanton destruction, who is currently imprisoned, though a few branch churches remain active most have dwindled.
In the morning, while Lanik is performing his morning devotions, we head to the Aldbryt house. Pramus introduces us to father Treman who is already informed of recent events. We ask for info on his lost shipment; he gives us four stylized tokens that provide us membership at Fall of Stars, and provides us with work. A few years back he purchased the land surrounding Erethun’s Tower, including the tower itself; he offers to give us the tower if we can retrieve a dagger from a wizard in town, one likely spending his evenings in the tower. Said dagger Ladrão da Alma has a black handle and frost-bitten greyish rhime-covered blade. He gives us the key to the tower.
Checking with scroll shops we find the wizard was asking into summoning alters, possibly found what he was after. Phrer Binscuit identified three books Rytes Diabolique a theoretic text on tapping primordial, abyssal and supernal powers and entities; The Graven Truth on runic power and practice; and The Form of chaos, a cyricist’s manifesto that will need to be fully translated to be summarized. Also gave us a list of known subset of the approximately 100 items, many of which need to be consciously understood and invoked, others which just happen.
Gave pencil to Frer Binscuit to study for the day.
We plan to collect Pramus and Seladine and go to the tower to find and evict dark wizard and retrieve dagger.
XP: 235
Loot: 221g 37s 90c (divided), 1 100g pearl; four tokens providing membership in Fall of Stars.

Adventure 02
In which we invade a tower, find a pencil and go grubbing for clues.

Thorgrim and Lanik are occupied getting the crate safely stowed for transport.
Tower has about three floors left, top clean shorn; there are signs of recent foot traffic in and out, and the door was locked. Ground floor was a large room with four pillars, lots of furnishings (which Lily smashes in a misfire spell), and two green flaming skulls that attack and are disposed. Second floor has dining hall, pantries and the like, all in disarray with no signs of use. The third floor has several abandoned bedrooms and one camped-in bedroom, from which Griff takes a few books (in a later search we also find a magic pencil there) and two small windowless butler’s rooms. Forth floor has no roof, walls vary between 2–4 feet with some taller bits; in the middle is a new pile of large uncut stone that might have religious meaning and a few recently-added tables and chairs. We spend an entire day and night waiting for people to return, searching every room, with no luck besides the pencil.
At temple of Oghma the pencil is inspected, mostly by elderly priest Phrer Binscuit; it is indestructible and tapping eraser produces 1 cp per round. One of many magic mundane objects scattered over Faerun when the tower top vanished, lots of interest in them now. Society of Lost Tower reveres items. Rumors they become more potent in the tower or in the lost top level of the tower. Some try to bury items believing them evil. Binscuit offers to dig up info on other items if we’ll bring pencil back for his later inspection, warns objects create attachment in owner. Binscuit also identifies books as very old dialect of Deep Speech; one is titled Rytes Diabolique; we leave them with him for analysis.
Much of the day we spend grubbing for clues. Lily checked with watch who heard of Netherese entering and Shader-Kai hiding in fisherman’s district. Griff didn’t hear of people leaving except the guy who jumped out the window in out fight a few nights before. Selena found no-one who detected evil items passing them besides what can be accounted for in crate already recovered. Selena looked for demonic rights info, none useful. Neighboring houses remembers dark wizardly-looking figure at tower within last week. Griff found rumors of small groups of Shader-Kai moving through town at nights. Lily catches group entering Fall of Stars and enters with them unnoticed (members each appear to have their own hand signal to enter); inside hears more about weird dark wizard who is anti-social in adventurers club early each evening and doesn’t seem to stay at either inn. Shader-Kai entrances are leading to Next Scardale references. Kendrick, one of half-orc guards of the Fall of Stars thinks his name is Slevgrim? or something like that; been coming here week-and-a-half or so and frightens even the guard.
We leave Selena’s shop (in a vault of which is stored the pencil) heading toward the Fall of Stars to catch S?g?m, see city guard team pass out of sight right before we find Shader-Kai herding couple into alley.
XP: 300
Loot: magic pencil

Adventure 01
In which the heroes retrieve the missing crate but find it is not full.

Griff, working the streets, discovers people suspect the fisher shacks south of town. Selena talks herself & Thorgrim into the Fall of Stars, where Thorgrim notices a suspicious (dark robe, gaunt and pale) wizard-looking character who appears to be new in town and refuses conversation. Lily and Lanik talk to parishioner who says the Netherese used middle-men to cover their tracks; not know who they are, but one group who took crates smelled of fish.
At docks the heroes don’t see anything odd, but some thieves they talk to in town say they saw a half-orc looking out of place and maenacing outside a house near the smoke shacks. Griff snoops about and notices four or more bed-rolls on the floor and a table with four humans sitting up. After much talk about plans, Griff sneaks in window (cutting the glass to do so); five bedrolls and some thug conversation around the corner sitting at a table. After bribing the the half-orc guard to leave the others walked in the front door; combat ensued in which six dies and one escaped through the window.
Taking crate back to temple of Morodin wherein we find it has some of the evil goods but several of the smaller items are missing. A bit of parchment inside references items from the lost tower which, Selena knows from rumor and local mythos, is probably the old tower to the north of town, once owned by one of the Bhurgers Erethun Rivenstaff but abandoned after an accident that removed the top one or two stories and the owner (Rivenstaff’s son is now an old wheelchair-bound Bhurger). This is substantiated by the recent influx of people looking for items in lost tower.
XP: 310

Adventure 00
In which magic is stolen and the heroes meet up.

Griff arrives in New Velar and contacts the local theives, but doesn’t find their small-town banditry very appealing.
Thorgrim is trailing artifacts stolen from the dwarves of Earthart by the drow to sell to the Netherese (the drow, raising too many suspicions in town, use anyone they can bribe to assist in the transport of the crates into and out of town). Following their ship to New Velar, he meets up with his brother, Bildur, a priest of Moradin.
Lanik comes to the New Velar Temple of Mielikki in response to a parishioner who is distraught after becoming involved in the smuggling of the artifacts and finding that one of the crates has items of powerful evil.
Lily-Rose meets Lanik in the streets of New Velar after escorting Naijsa Cordenswold, a nobleman’s daughter, to her aunt in town. The two had known each other from years earlier when Lily was touring the Dalelands with a local bard, Guy Red.
In Thorgrim’s investigations he meets Griff and enlists his aid in tracking down the stolen loot. What they find leads them to the Temple of Mielikki where Lanik and Lily agree to help out at the behest of the parishioner, and the group finds out not all of the crates held simple dwarven and Imaskari artifacts. Checking shops that deal in magic items, they enlist Selena for her expertise and eventually track down all but one crate, the crate with the darkest, most foul of the artifacts.


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