O Theophagus


Until I can write these up properly I’m using Luther’s (Lily-Rose) journal entries.

Adventure 15
Adventure 14

In fall of stars see Reikherd there, says he’s looking of bodyguards, etc., among retired adventurers. Graylow shows, tells Griff he saw Harston rowing boat across to island on Swordarm lake and saw him bury something there. Griff sets up a meeting there tomorrow. Drea arrives, whitefaced, takes Selena and Lily into side room. She says Gimdrake told her that we’ve been searching her room. She did give the location of Pramus for abduction, but had been mislead: Gimdrake told her they would merely ransom Pramus to Treman and she wanted some of own fortune (squandered by Treman) to keep her for later in life; she may be stretching the point on the reasoning, but seems mostly honest. We mention that Harston is among the cultists; she thanks us and leaves us a purse of mixed coin and gems
We try to overtake Seladine to tell her, but catch her right after she stabs Drea in the chest. Harston angrily finished the ritual, turning Pramus into a demon and fleeing. We get a few parting shots at Harston, but then the Demon-Pramus and Harston escape.
Constable Dawnhorn enters, recruits Seladine & the heroes to help against the invading source. Nimbus is with Shira Goldenleaf when she shows with horses, and we ride to the coast south of the Harrow-plow pier. There we find Sahuagin sea-devils (who worship Secular the sharks) attacking. One of the Sahuagin calls out Sacula calls us to witness the red eye of Hadar (we see a red star above) but, after a rather intense battle, we manage to kill all six with no lasting casualties.
Loot: 3pp 50gp; gems; stuff on Sahaugin
XP: 4??

Adventure 13

Shopping, Meilikki told Lanik to watch the sea for creatures coming from the deep tonight, Slenea visits Pramus to ask about Harston, who states there is a core of good but doesn’t trust. Pramus remembers little but thinks he saw Harston. Seladine asks us to find proof of Drea’s involvement in abduction; in Fall of Stars found Andrick, returning his standard and reminded that Drea had been meeting at the Redmark, the ritzy inn in town named for a mercenary band done well; currently run by staff as collective, the founders having vanished, though their wealth is rumored to still be in the inn; the Stormblades, a group of adventurers are there to deter treasure-hunters. Thorgrim and Griff got a tour guided by Alark Phlamtryn the Stablemaster and head of the staff collective; meanwhile, Garthmere the Stout (Titherian) head of Stormblades, points out nere-do-well treasure seekers in the bar to Selena and Lanick: Talgos Twilight a thief from Impaltir, and Skeldor of the Serpents, a mage crawling with live snakes; then introduces other stormblades Zemphira a Kalashir Sorceress, Burgabick, a Chenafael Strongheart Halfling Fighter/theif, Mermei Leafguster Kalashite Air-genasi Cleric of Schaundakul? (hand with air behind it), Darmarilee a gold-dwarf wizardess from eartharth with green eyes.
Phrer tells Lily that assassins can sometimes walk through walls, that the ritual on Pramus probably is waiting for a keyword, and that in addition to Wally with the boat ticket is a guy on the outskirts with a comb that stops time and is even more paranoid.
Selena finds that Gimdrake, in the 3rd floor suite, often orders food for himself and a lady friend. Thorgrim rents room 3C. Breaking into the suite, Griff finds a smoking pipe item of power and a soap case. Seladine finds a +2 deep-pocket cloak in the wardrobe. Lanik finds a bundle of letters, half of a love letter exchange written by a woman; the top (and most recent) has a map indicating the way station investigated.
Lily-Rose, watching from the ground floor, sees Gimdrake, tries to stop him but fails; he sees Thorgrim sitting outside his room and runs off. We go into Thorgrims room and review the love letters; none are signed by Drea, but they do contain expectation that Pramus would be adbucted by the recipient. Lily goes to tell Seladine, who asks to meet at the Fall of Stars that afternoon to confirm the handwriting.
Letters are placed in Wally the Wardrobe. Griff stores the two new items at Selena’s mom’s shop. Griff’s friends Greylow and Eglon saw Gimdrake running around town, collecting his gear and getting ready to run. Thorgrim and Selena return to take the deep-pocket cloak, which has mostly junk inside—some daggers, a few coins, cologne, etc. They store it at Selena’s mom’es shop. Lily at Fouled Line hears mutters about mysterious island that has come and gone through the night, likely that she was adventuring upon; sailors gave it a wide berth.
Seladine shows with a letter from Drea, which is clearly the same hand. She asks Lily to hang onto them until and bring them to the party.
Loot: +2 Deep-Pocket Cloak (2600gp), Tower Pipe, Tower Soap Case

Adventure 12

Pramus recalls flashes of pain and suffering as tortured, flash & release, then nothing until Seladine touched him; he feels that something is still stretching inside him. We are welcomed by Ellarin Dawnhorn, then by Pramus who gives us a coin purse (100pp).
Selena visits Oghma and says the the ritual sounds like it was completed, but it is complicated and there could be something missing, but the death of the ritualists sound likely to be indicative of success. May still be a small bit left.
Lily-Rose visits Fall of Stars, learns that Harston is back in town not long after us.
We all awake together in a shore of black-green stones, with a strange-angled forbidding edifice. Mordin and Mielikki meet us near the edifice and tell us they have little power here and our only way out is to enter and face a ``test’’. Inside is a rabble of voices that daze us often. We slay four balls of tentacles and two gibbering mouthers; Mielikki instructs Lily-Rose to place her blade on a rune circle and it gets new power; Lanik likewise enchants his sickle.
«session break»
We slay several chaos shards, drink from an enchanted font that replenishes our vigor and replaces Nimbus, a random Genasi swordmage we’d been scooting about with, with Thorgrim; the then face the Voice of Yel-Tsog Danoth; afterwards Morodin and Meiliki reappear, granting Thorgrim a magical tattoo
When we awake, we are all rested, healed, and overslept. Messengers at the tower, temple of Morodin and temple of Green Respite and Selena’s home, telling us of another party because both of his sons have returned.
Loot: 100 pp, items and tattoo

Adventure 11
In which we rescue Pramus.

The cleanup crew arrives so we head back to New Velar that afternoon. At dawn traveled back to New Velar; turn in horses and report. Seladine explains loss of Pramus to Treman, who reacts initially in wrath but is calmed by Seladine. He exhorts us to regain Pramus.
Word on the street says some general was coerced into doing the job, who was hoping to execute the ruffians working under him. Kendrick knows little but says there was someone who knew, directs me to Dayan who shows a room of adventuring memorabilia which has a map in it. We also find a couple old maps of the Haints in the library: it’s set up along one main road with a crossroad and a couple minor cross-cross-roads; the main road goes east to the road to scardale. Singing Harp has similar information.
General Andric Turion (the warlords) joins our meeting at the Fall of Stars with Seladine, whom he met earlier in the day, and apologizes, stating his wife had been held hostage to get him involved. Cyricists seem to be involved in his hiring. His wife was rescued and word reached him while he was transporting Pramus to the Haints. He draws us a map of the underground area where Pramus is being held, points out an area where a star spawn is located, says there are cyricists and star-spawn cultists working together there to perform a ritual on Pramus, infusing him with an evil power and then stealing it away using Ladrão da Alma; Pramus, being good, will fight this power to make it easier to steal the power.
The star spawn will be a beast, but we are loaned a Battle-standard of the Vanguard and a scroll that should weaken the spawn’s defenses (will need to be sustained minor). There is also a spirit power in the underground (he gives us a necklace to block it) that will damage us and tells us there are more such necklaces on guards there.
After slaying four guards and scaring off two more, we magically lock two of the three entrances, slay the five guards inside the third, then slay the star spawn; the remaining guards flee. In the ritual room we find Pramus covered in blood surrounded by chopped-up ritualist; Harston phases through walls and escapes through a secret passage.
XP: 350
Loot: +2 pact blade, 4 bottles gypsy wine, 60g 80s 95c

Adventure 10
In which we retake the waystation, are mobbed and lose Pramus.

After an early rest, we attack the ettin and two dire wolves in the wee hours of the morning, retaking the way station. Sitting awake outside we are attacked an hour later by a huge mob, of whom we slay nearly 30, and an uber-might warlord and several unseen mages who easily best us and steal away Pramus; one of them apologizes to Seladine and gives her a bit of light-blue painted wood siding, likely from the Haints.
XP: 520
Loot: 76g 137s 92c

Adventure 09
In which we venture into the Feywild.

Walking after the owlbear attack, Lanik and Thorgrim are charmed without warning and wander off into the woods. Half an hour into the woods the ground gets unusually wet, with puddles and ground fog; we seem to be entering a moving zone of feywild. They are leading us toward mournful singing. The fog parts at a body of water with a wooden bridge and two posts. We slay three crocodiles, follow the bridge between several hummocks to a hag Katriska cursed to remain on an island by the power of rings now in custody of a nearby undead knight Cromwell Stone.
The Masoleum, near the swamp on higher ground, has ornate statues and a small black dragon we chase off. We retrieve the rings, slay the undead knight on our way back, and the hag destroys the rings. On the ground we find a Laurel Circlet, which Selena claims, and return to Faerun and our horses.
XP: 380
Loot: Laurel Circlet (Selena), lump of gold from melted ring

Adventure 08
The Shadar-Kai is interrogated, Harston takes Ladrão da Alma, and we head west to clear out bandits.

We sit him down in armchairs in Mystra’s temple and discover he’s a Cryicist bend on subverting the Aldbrytes; seduced Dreya using lust with a huma n cyrisist, lust of social standing, and hatred for Tremen losing her money and Pramus one-upping Harston; Harston is power-hungry and hates Pramus; Tremen fell to greed (deeply in debt using Dreya’s money) and ambition to join council, hopes to replace Lucus and nearly guaranteed to do so unless Tremen looses his money; Pramus remains untouched. Their earlier attack was an effort to capture Pramus for use against Tremen.
Dreya is planning an attack on Pramus and Harston is planning to steal the dagger tonight. We warn Tremen but he’s drunk; we run to collect Pramus and Seladine and run to the Aldbryte home. We find two guards down by Harston’s hand; Harston got the dagger almost an hour before we arrived. Griff finds a hidden exit in the hedgerow out back and follow it down to the south wall. Talking with Pramus and Kendrick at the Fall of Star and decide we have more chance of doing good by joining Pramus and Seladine on the trip to redeme the west road than we do of catching Harston on the run.
On road west we kill two owlbears, skin them and get an egg and leftover gear of previous victims.
XP: 350
Loot: 111g 45s 2 moonstones (100g each), 2 pelts, 1 egg, Belt of Recovery (2600g Thorgrim), Ornament of Alertness +1 (680g; Griff), +2 Holy Healer’s Mace (2600g; lanik), 1 Alchemist Acid lvl 6 (75g)

Adventure 07
In which we rub shoulders in a party and catch a Shadar-Kai.

Lily rides the Scarlet Swan and collects four platinum bars payment; the rest ride the recovered ship.
We are invited to Lucus Rivenstaff’s for a party by Treman Aldbryte. Kendrick warns us against Harston and his mother Dreia, a schemer. It’ll be a mid-sized party with some burgers & families, other movers and shakers connected with the Aldbryte clan.
Phrer Binscuit introduces us to Brother Findler, a tall, lean, weathered man who wanders between temples sharing information. He’s seen copies of our 3 books circulating surprisingly often. They are linked with Ladrão da Alma, which has nearly unlimited power. It is alive, whispers to it’s bearer to cut themselves, temporarily leaches life force, and with the books can be made to pull great power through a temporary mortal sacrificial vessel. Binscuit’s recent research shows Lucus Rivenstaff had once been very interested in the objects and may have several.
Owners of Fall of Stars (Dayan Nenthyn and sister Kira) said they’ll be there at the party; advise we don’t annoy Constable Dawnhorn.
Party with burghers Reikherd Brewmaster (huge ex-adventurer, hires lots of retired adventurers, has tunnels beneath brewery may reach underdark), Sheera Goldenleaf (beautiful & wealthy golden elf, stable owner, adventured over 100 years ago), Emberra Grembarrow (heavyset owner of silver & jewelery store), the Nenthyns (half-elf), Jonster Yate (halfling, ex-adventurer, obsessed with postulated end of realms). Griff challenges Reikherd and Thorgrim to an eating contest. Reikherd says he often allows adventurers to explore the tunnels; hosts an annual party with a competition to steal golden cask from brewery (none have ever succeeded).
Lucus pulls us together after undoing an altercation with two of his goblets; he asks us to find his father Eruthen, who is likely the prime object having been in the tower when it blew, and the two goblets Lucus does not yet own, promising huge rewards.
Thorgrim beats Griff and Reikherd at eating contest. Lucus gives a speech, perfect in that it is short. Dreia stops by to insult us. Some overland trade routes are suffering from raiders, talks of groups clearing them out, likely by a coalition of merchants. Harston asks about Ladrão da Alma, Lily points him toward Singing Harp and sends a message to them telling them she did.
On the way out we (mostly Thorgrim) catches one of two Shader-Kai sneaking about in the dark.
XP: 150. Loot: 4 platinum bars of 500 gp value each (payment).


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