Tag: Items of the Lost Tower


  • pencil

    When the back end of this willow pencil is tapped on a hard surface it produces one copper piece. This works about once every six seconds. Currently in the hands of [[:griff]].

  • boat ticket

    An old boat ticket. One end has cloth glued to both sides. When the ticket is touched to flesh it transports the target to a spot five feet above [[The Heart of the Harbor Pier]], just outside [[The Fouled Line]], face down and prone. Most of those …

  • key

    One of the most spectacular items, this is the key to [[:erethun-rivenstave | Erethun's]] laboratory, the fifth floor of his tower, now missing. The key can be placed in the keyhole of any normal-sized door. Once the key is turned, the door opens into [[ …

  • comb

    The comb has the power to briefly stop time for the person who combs his/her hair with it. The effect lasts for roughly five or six seconds and is mostly useful in finding a quick hiding spot. The world around the user becomes rock solid, so no object not …

  • deck of cards

    When any of the face cards are seen they induce visions of [[Erethun's Tower]] from long ago in the viewer, usually resulting in a dazed effect. Whereabouts unknown.

  • quill

    Any person acting to harm within a 15' radius of the quill finds themself in an illusory world that feels perfectly real. Once the bearer waves the quill, reality returns. This owned by [[:lucus-rivenstave]].

  • flask

    Another fairly powerful item. When directed at a target and opened, the target begins to suffocate. This lasts until either the target is dead or the user recaps the lid. Location unknown.

  • silver piece

    When swallowed, the silver piece brings solid form to any one person from the swallower's memory. This lasts for as long as it takes to pass the coin from the body. This is not resurrection and the memory acts only as the swallower thinks the person would …

  • scissors

    The user of these scissors can point them at a target object or person and rotate them in three-dimensional space on any axis originating anywhere in, on or near the target. Location unknown.

  • pillowcase

    Any object that would normally fit in a pillowcase can be placed inside and "stored" as though in a bag of holding. However, there is no known way to retrieve these objects once stored. Whereabouts unknown.

  • hat

    A nearly impossible item to to own, it was eventually discovered, after many deaths, that the hat converts all iron in a 20' radius to manganese. This includes the iron in blood cells. If you see the hat, do NOT approach the hat. Location unknown.

  • bracelet

    A single object may be passed through the bracelet and "memorized". At any time thereafter, the owner of the bracelet may pull the memorized object back out, no matter where the object is located. The bracelet's whereabouts and/or owner are currently …

  • goblet

    When held in the hand, this object causes ominous flashbacks, often showing disturbing scenes from the holder's past. When placed in close proximity to the other three goblets- [[:goblet-2]], [[:goblet-3]] and [[:goblet-4]]- time begins to run backwards …

  • goblet

    When held, this goblet creates a shell of solid air with a 15' diameter that is resistant to rain, arrows and other small, fast moving objects. When placed in close proximity to the other three goblets- [[:goblet-1]], [[:goblet-2]] and [[:goblet-4]]- …

  • goblet

    This goblet cools anything placed inside by 10°. This effect is cumulative. When placed in close proximity to the other three goblets- [[:goblet-1]], [[:goblet-2]] and [[:goblet-3]]- time begins to run backwards in a 30' radius. Whereabouts unknown.